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‘A Time to Dance’
Vivienne Tsouris

Vivienne Tsouris
Vivienne Tsouris is a professional dancer, having trained at The Arts Educational School, The Rambert Ballet School and The Andrew Hardie School, London. She has danced in many major theatres throughout the UK as well as giving performances abroad. She performs regularly at The Christian Artists Seminars, Holland, where she also leads workshops in classical ballet and ‘discovering creativity’. She has been invited to teach at The European Academy of Arts and Culture. A mother of six, as well as a practising professional dancer and Christian believer, Vivienne has a desire is to encourage other women, and particularly mothers, to embrace their dreams. In ‘A Time to Dance’ she gives an honest, often humerous account of her experiences of daily life as the mother of a large family. In spite of enormous obstacles she never entirely relinquishes her dream of returning to theatre life.

Book Title: ‘ATime to Dance’.
Book Overview:

Autobiographical - professional dancer’s life, as a mother and as a believer in the importance of discovering one’s individual spiritual path.
Book to include photographs
Total Word count: 74,900

Book Précis:
In the early chapters Vivienne tells of her life as a small child, in the depths of the Cornish countryside, her love of nature and her awakening to the magic of dance. At the age of thirteen, this shy, quiet child is thrust into the rigorous life of a professional London ballet school. Later, as a free-lance dancer, touring and performing in major theatres around the UK, she meets her future husband, Dimitri, then a backstage worker and visual artist. After a brief courtship the couple are married and, in 1970, following the birth of their son, Vivienne receives a dream of a revelatory, prophetic nature. It is this that leads to her conversion to the Christian faith, Dimitri following suit just one week later.

Vivienne soon returns to her work as a dancer, but with the arrival of her daughter, Emma, it becomes clear that theatre life is no longer an option for her. With the strong conviction that ‘if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ she turns with enthusiasm to her role as mother and homemaker, and over the next eleven years goes on to produce another four bouncing babies. An active supporter of the women’s liberation movement, Vivienne is passionately keen that the gift, work and privilege of motherhood should not be undervalued in today’s materialistic, consumer society.

After a ten year absence from the dance studio, Vivienne turns to teaching, thereby necessitating her own return to training and to physical fitness. She performs and choreographs for a number of local, and then national productions. Over the years, as her family grows, she becomes involved in many of their adventures, not least in accompanying them to Romania, to work amongst orphaned children.

In 1998, while dancing at a Christian festival in the Midlands, she is spotted by violinist, Paul Heyman, and amazingly her whole dance career opens up once more. The pair tour extensively together throughout the UK and in Europe, with Vivienne choreographing in a wide variety of styles to Paul’s music. This dream-come-true opportunity of ministering to others through the gift of dance inspires her to produce an abundance of solo choreography, deeply prophetic in content.

From the age of six, Vivienne was a secret sufferer from O C D (obsessive compulsive disorder). Throughout most of her adult life she was also troubled by night visions and disturbing occult experiences. In 1990 she was delivered from the latter condition in a most unexpected way, and eight years later she received healing for her compulsive disorder. In both cases there is an intriguing twist to the story which could only be brought to light by divine intervention. Vivienne tells the fascinating account of her deliverance in her dance series ‘Breaking Point’.

The second part of the book, ‘Windows Into The Past’, is a tribute to Vivienne’s mother, May Enoch, who was also a dancer and choreographer. With its remarkable photographic record, this section gives a telling description of the joys and hardships of life in the early twentieth century. The story takes us way back to the 1870’s, when Vivienne’s maternal grandmother was associated with The Fairy Bell Minstrels, a group of stage-struck youngsters led by Tilly Wood, who later became the famous music-hall artist, Marie Lloyd.

Above all, this is a story of a woman’s personal search for truth and meaning in life; a journey of discovery, especially in regard to the place and purpose of creativity within God’s world.

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