Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's mid-summer here now and the capital the temperature rises to 48 degrees mid day. Working in the museum is cool enough but once I step outside it's like being boiled alive. Nevertheless, I adapt to the conditions, which i have to do to survive. Like drinking loads of water (sweating is prolific !), having a siesta in the afternoon, walk in the shade and eat loads of fruit.

At the moment I am staying in Larnaka, taking the mad crazy bus to nicosia on Tuesday, staying in Nicosia for Tues/Weds and Thurs at CAARI (Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute) a well venue for visiting archaeologists, academics etc where the are rooms to rent. This is helpful as the museum, where I work is just five minutes walk away.

I am hoping that before I leave Cyprus on the 13th Sept. I will have my own studio apartment in Larnaka to rent. This seems to be the way that things are working out for me, with more work at the Archaeological Museum. The studio will give me a base when I'am here in Cyprus and of course those of you that would like to come over, can stay with me. Just book your flights. Will let you know as and when I get the studio.

The photos here are of the typical colonial front doors of houses but tweaked in Photoshop and a little pictues of what I normally eat-fruit and salad. Will keep you all informed later with more news. Hope you all are well, missing you loads, leave comments on this blogg etc. Lots of love to family and friends, Dimitri.


chris said...

nice to see how things are going so well for you.
can you send some of that lovely sunshine our way please.
see you soon, chris

billie said...

lt so hard to imagine al that heat and keeping out of it s way! No mad dogs in Cyprus hey !!Viv and l are of to the pictures tonight to see Before Cocco ..might smuggle a bottle of wine in,to keep in the french mood !Bx