Saturday, December 13, 2008

Individualism - is a bad thing, especially for those working in the arts industries. Why, most of the worlds renownd artist, have all belong to some kind of group or society. To-days insular artists not only work on their own but produce work which is ALL about their inner lives, their 'body fluids', boyfriends slept with, drugs induced, their 'personal' hang-ups and tribulations.
Where is the art for the good of our neighbour, the art that gives delight and hopes to society, art that gives hope and redemptive refuge to the poor, the marginalised, to the poor in heart, that gives life glimpses of freedom.

Well, that does'nt happen ! But it should. And it does'nt happen because we are all too protective of our art, inept in sharing our lives with each other for the good of our neighbour and friends.

So here is an approach towards Creatives working in the post-modernist secular individualistic society. My proposals are that we try to understand and be pro-active as follows:

A- Appraisal of contemporary individual absorbed culture, standard types and meanings as a result of mass consumer proliferation.

B- Appraisal of Subliminal and consequential cultural determining of the creative mind towards a secular individualistic monopoly and mediocrity.

C- Understand Consequent egomaniacal, narcissistic pre-occupation leading to self-absorbed and self-interested thematic creativity engulfing the creative unawares.

D- The need for a collective aggregation of creatives, working, praying, exploring, communicating together to break the self-absorption of individualistic mentality. To engender positive artistic reformational in all creatives industries, through the hard disciplined work ethic of corporate and thematic execution for engagement in society.

E- As a consolidated group of creatives, working and exhibiting collectively would give
rise to a far more prominent position to:
1- Obtain gallery invites and acceptance of group work.
2- Be better placed to engage and comment on socio/political themes.
3- The collective as group would speak as one voice in the modern agora as
Christian spokesmen, bringing the prophetic and apostolic to bear.

‘Many members – yet one body’

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